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Elder Scrolls Online BetaElder Scrolls Online Beta Sign Up

UPDATE 22/01/2013:

** TESO Beta Registration Finally Open
We promised to let you know when it happens so here you go!
Bethesda and ZeniMax have just recently announced that beta signups are officially open for The Elder Scrolls Online. Today is the first day of the registration to take part in TESO beta testing. Timing and details of the start of playtests will be provided at a later date though. Sign up today to be one of the first in line and have a higher chance of getting an invite (demand is huge!).

Getting started:
1. Visit the official registration page at http://signup.elderscrollsonline.com/
2. Fill in your Personal Details
3. Fill in your Gaming Profile (make sure to provide as much information as possible as preference will likely be given to more experinced gamers and guild members)
4. Complete the System Profile test. You will need to run the DxDiag application to get your profile. Instructions for Windows and Mac users are provided.
5. Fill in the Extra section. This is where you should get creative and try to present yourself as the right person for the testing. Describing your gaming/beta testing experience, knowledge of the Elder Scrolls Lore and ability to spot and report game bugs, inconcistencies or balance issues might help. Dont make things up though ;)
6. Agree to the Nondisclosure, submit your application and hope for the best! Good Luck!

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We will also be making a post to our blog later today with more detailed registration instructions and screenshots showing how to use DxDiag and submit the results for our less tech-savvy readers.


OLD ORIGINAL POST (outdated, read above):

Let’s put it straight from the beginning – Elder Scrolls Online Beta testing doesn’t exist, yet. However, people have been receiving emails offering TESO beta testing sign ups. There are also youtube videos and websites popping up every now and then advertising Elder Scrolls Online beta invites. These are all SCAMS. There are few purposes of these:

  1. Get you in their marketing list and try to sell you something else instead (not too bad)
  2. Collect emails, logins and passwords and steal your account when the game is released (bad)
  3. Make you download a trojan and hack your other mmorpg passwords together with your ebay, paypal and other accounts (very bad)

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Release

Elder Scrolls Online Beta date has not been set yet, but it’s not on until 2013. This is definite. Here’s what Zenimax Online said in their TESOnline twitter account:

Elder Scrolls Online@TESOnline:

Phishing sites have recently appeared, promising ESO beta keys. We have not opened beta sign-ups yet! When we do, we will announce it … We’ll release #ESO in 2013. No dragons at launch, but the possibility remains for later.

So don’t fall for these spam/scam beta invites and beta key download links. Elder Scrolls Online Beta release date will be announced on the game’s official website, facebook and twitter pages in 2013.

If you want to be notified by email when the BETA registration opens use the NEWSLETTER Sign Up form on the right and we will let you know as soon as there’s more info.

For more TESO tips and guides bookmark our main Elder Scrolls Online Wiki page or follow us on Twitter.

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bestcara On September - 30 - 2012

4 Responses so far.

  1. Stephen McCurdy says:

    As a regular elder scrolls nut, I would appreciate the opportunity to play the beta version.

  2. shay malul says:

    be happy to play

  3. Brandon Walters says:

    I just read on TESO Facebook that Beta Sign-ups we’re starting. How do I sign up exactly?

  4. bestcara says:

    Brandon and All, please read the update to the post above for the registration instructions

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